The question “how does an online casino work” is often asked, but asking the question how slots work should be at least as common.

If you’ve never played online slots before, it might be good to know how they work before betting your money. In this way, you reduce the risk of unnecessary losses while you can find slots that actually suit you. We’ve created a separate page where we go over the basics of how slot machines work, but we thought we’d quickly go over some important slot terms here.

  • Paylines – Paylines are the lines you must land matching symbols on to get a win. Some do not have paylines and instead have payways – where symbols on reels next to each other create a win – or Cluster Pays – which means that clusters of at least five symbols give a win.
  • Wheels – The wheels in slot machines are the vertical columns that are covered with symbols. So these are the ones that spin when you press the spin button.
  • RTP – RTP stands for Return to Player (theoretical payback) and is a measure of how much of your stake is paid back to you in the form of winnings. The RTP of a slot game is usually somewhere between 94%-96%. That may sound high, but keep in mind that this is an average, and that the player’s bankroll is usually smaller than the casino’s. You can also see it as an inverse measure of the house advantage. If the RTP is 95%, the house has an advantage of 5%.
  • Volatility – Volatility refers to how often and how much winnings are paid out. A high volatility gives smaller profits more often and a low volatility gives out larger sums, but less often.
  • Coin value – The coin value indicates how much each coin you play with should be worth. In many slot machines, you only need to adjust the coin value before playing.
  • Stake Level – Sometimes there is something called a Stake Level, which regulates the number of coins you play with.
  • Symbols – All symbols in slot machines have different values, meaning that some symbols give better wins than others. Apart from that, they are usually equipped with one or more bonus features that can further increase your winning chances. Two of the most common bonuses are wild symbols, which increase your chances of winning by replacing all other symbols, and free spins, which give you free spins, often with extra favorable winning chances.

If you are a beginner, we at Spelaspel recommend that you choose gaming sites that offer so-called free slots, i.e. demo versions of the original game, you can now try the game completely free – without spending a single penny. By playing on test play your slot machines, it will be easier for you to learn the basics of the game. Here at, we also offer you the opportunity to test play your slots completely free of charge.