When you visit the 22bet Ethiopia official website, you have access to different betting markets with a single click. There are multiple sporting events out there that are played on a daily basis, and a high percentage of these competitions are available for bettors to bet on globally. Therefore, irrespective of the location, you can easily access sports events like soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and much more. 

So far, soccer has been the sport with the highest number of betting markets available for bettors. Other events like basketball and tennis also attract a reasonable percentage of bettors owing to their high number of betting markets. Therefore, you can place bets on sections like single bet, lucky bet, anti-accumulator, multi bet, and much more. Furthermore, the most common betting market used by bettors that cut across various sports is that of the outright winner. Other more known markets include the over/under market, handicap, and Acca betting. 

How to Successfully Analyze the Market 

Analyze the Market 

Winning in sports betting is more than just luck because in-depth analysis is needed to avoid heavy losses. You don’t bet with sentiment or on your favorite team, hoping they emerge victorious. Besides, sports betting is mainly about making the markets work in your favor and finding the best positive outcome for your bets.

The key to analyzing the market is through statistics. There are stats on every single sporting event that aids bettors in selecting a suitable outcome. Hence, you simply choose a betting market from 22bet Ethiopia and check the stats to see the chances of it being successful. With this key information, you can save yourself from numerous betting mishaps.

Knowing and Understanding the Bookmakers Odds

Bookmakers Odds

There is always a slight difference in the odds presented by each bookmaker on their sites. The difference could be between a .03 to a .10 margin and some cases, higher. To you, these numbers may seem insignificant, but not to a pro bettor. Therefore, going for betting sites with higher odds can increase profit. 

To ensure that you are at the site with reasonable odds attached to their betting markets, you need to be able to know what makes them stand out. However, the major telltale about these quality platforms is the license. The betting industry is filled with numerous bookmakers, with some operating quality licenses while others don’t. So, if a sportsbook claims to have a top-notch license, you can easily verify this by going to the gambling license’s official website and search for the sportsbook’s name.

Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Many bookmakers in the industry now have a mobile application to go with their websites. With the mobile app, you can place bets from anywhere in the world. A mobile app offers all the services you can get from the website with a far better interface. Furthermore, navigating through the app is easy as each category of events is thoroughly arranged. Therefore, the numerous sports betting markets become easily accessible for you, making staking more fun.