Casino games

Casino gambling is something that is only increasing in popularity. Today’s casino industry is a safe and secure place that suits the player perfectly. Take your pick from all the great casino games available. Below we go through what you can expect from the games on offer today. Casino games at JohnSlots – What do… Continue reading Casino games

A few words about the Pokémon TCG cards collection

Pokémon TCG was first released in Japan in 1996 and two years later in South America. The cards then became popular worldwide. They are based on the Japanese animation and video games known from the Pokémon series, mainly for the Nintendo Game Boy console. Inspiration also works the other way round, with the release of… Continue reading A few words about the Pokémon TCG cards collection

How to choose between different betting portals?

With sports betting, it’s like any other successful industry – you’ll never find an identical offer from two competitors. Even if a provider looks dubious at first glance, you may hear nothing but good feedback from others. Therefore, feel free to research others and, taking into account your own preferences and the experience of others,… Continue reading How to choose between different betting portals?

How do slots work?

The question “how does an online casino work” is often asked, but asking the question how slots work should be at least as common. If you’ve never played online slots before, it might be good to know how they work before betting your money. In this way, you reduce the risk of unnecessary losses while… Continue reading How do slots work?