Every day, online sportsbooks find features that improve user experience and make betting more exciting. The request-a-bet feature is the latest trend that major online betting sites now provide their punters. Thus, besides the conventional betting routine of placing bets based on what the online bookmakers like 22 Bet offers, you can directly request a bet and choose any possible outcome!

This service is one of the best flexibilities you can get betting online and could be very valuable if used properly. Have you heard about this fascinating new service? In this article, we’ll explain how requesting a bet works, how to go about it, and whether they are worth trying out.

How does requesting a bet work?

requesting a bet

Request a bet is a feature that allows bettors to contact bookmakers asking for odds on a specific sporting event or anything that could be put in a bet slip. Thus, it affords users flexibility in playing, where they can ask for bets that are not in the sportsbook. So, bettors on request a bet special can request bets on entertainment, politics or other aspects of sports. Some bookmakers have rebranded this feature and renamed it ‘Bet builders’ and some other monikers as they deem fit. 

So, how do you request a bet? There are three ways to request a bet, depending on the options provided to you by the bookmakers:

On-site bet builder

Bet Builder is an outgrowth of Request a Bet used to create bets on sportsbook sites. It’s the easiest and quickest way to explore your pre-made options and make your unique bet. So you can evaluate and pick from the options available to you, considering their value and profitability or build your bet. In the end, the choice of your unique bet is determined by you and what your betting aim is. 

Mobile-only bet builder

For this option, bettors must download the bookmaker’s mobile app before accessing this feature. This encourages bettors to install the bookmaker’s apps and, thus, increases mobile usage and bettor’s affixation to the betting company. Besides, requesting bets on mobile apps is a step ahead of the on-site option, given its more-defined user interface. Players can also make a combo bet within one sporting event. 

Requesting via Twitter

Requesting via Twitter

Bookmakers allow bettors to tweet their requests using a specific Hashtag and to create a wager. After placing the bet, the bettor has to wait for the bookmaker to accept or decline the request. When the bookmaker accepts, they send a link to the bettor to place the bet on their site.

Are request bet odds valuable? 

Usually, the prices on bets of this sort have poor value compared to standard bets, and you might not have a big win in the long run. However, it’s better than nothing, as without requesting a bet, there are no options for that bet in the first place. Therefore, this feature is the best way for bettors to optimize their user experience and have fun while betting on their areas of interest.v