Crisp autumn evenings and the early setting sun mean that the more the day goes on, the more time is spent in the great outdoors. While there’s plenty of new excitement in the world, why not wander off into the nostalgia trail and fill your evenings with some fierce card games? Invite your friends over and rediscover the card games you could play endlessly years ago.


Also known as podkidnoi, Turakas is one of the first and simplest board games. That’s why most people have played it at some time, so even if some of the rules are forgotten, they can be quickly remembered.

Each player gets six cards, and until the end of the game, six cards must always be in hand. The strength of the cards ranges from two to ace. There is always a trump, which is one of the four masters: clubs, diamonds, spades, aces. The object of the trump is to “kill” the cards you are dealt by using these cards. You can “kill” a card by using a stronger card than the one you are dealt, but it must be of the same suit. A card from the trump suit is always stronger than a card from any other suit, even if it has a lower value. The winner of the game is the one who gets rid of his cards first.

Family Tola

Family Tola

A classic card game that is often a favourite of the younger players. The game is simple and the name is funny, what more could you want!!! Family Tola is played by laying a pack of cards in a circle on the table, picture below. One player chooses a card from the deck and places it in the middle of the circle, pictured above. The players then start to take the next cards from the deck, moving clockwise.

The aim is to find a card that is exactly one higher than the one in the middle of the circle (i.e. 2 goes 3, 9 goes 10). If you can’t find a card that fits in the middle of the circle, the player puts it in front of him, picture above. If there is an open card in front of all the players, the other players have the option of placing a card either in the middle of the circle or, following the same rule, on top of another player’s card. When all the cards in the circle have been taken, the players turn their cards over and take from there. The winner of the game is the first player to get rid of all their cards.


Poker is one of the world’s best-known card games and there are more than a hundred different versions. The most popular are probably Five Card Draw, Omaha High and Texas Hold’em. You can play a large number of these variants with a deck of cards at home, but if you want to play more than that, a good place to play poker without leaving home is at an online casino. 

The rules may vary, but the general outline is the same. For example, the strengths of poker combinations are the same in all the most popular variants. The strongest combination is usually a royal flush, while one of the weakest combinations is a pair. The winner of a poker hand is the player with the strongest combination when all cards are revealed. Depending on the type of game, the betting and dealing rules change. Betting is an important part of poker, but you don’t always have to play for money. You can also gamble on sweets or biscuits! 

Burning cities

Burning cities

Burning Cities is a card game that can be played in pairs and still be interesting. It can also be played in a large group, so it’s a very universal choice. When you start burning cities, the deck of cards is divided equally between the players (no matter how many players there are).

Players take the top card from their own card pile and place it on the board. Whoever has the highest value card gets all the cards. If the cards are tied, i.e. of the same strength, one card is placed on top of the other, face down, and the next card, face up, is placed on top of it. The winner is the one who gets all the cards.


Normally lying is a negative, but in this card game lying is encouraged and the best liar wins. The entire deck of cards is divided between the players and they start lying to each other. Or tell the truth. It’s up to your opponents to figure out which is which.

For example, the first player puts out two cards (up to a maximum of four) and says they are two queens. The next player in order has three choices. First, he can say that the first player is lying. Second, he can say that the first player is telling the truth. If the second player is wrong, he must pick up the cards. If the second player guesses correctly and the first player was telling the truth, all the cards are “discarded”. If the second player guessed correctly and the first player lied, the first player must take the cards back.

The third option is to add cards. Perhaps if the first player said he discarded two queens, the second player can add three more cards and say he adds three queens. Then it is up to the third player to decide whether the second player is lying or telling the truth. The winner is the player who gets rid of all his cards first.