Using a prediction site is a way to weigh the pros and cons before validating your bets.

The best sports betting sites

Your decision is made, you are going to start sports betting. However, you do not yet know on which site to carry out your operations?

Here is the ranking of the 10 best bookmaker sites to help you choose:

  1. 1ZEBET.
  7. BWIN
  9. PMU
  10. NETBET

The winning football prediction sites

winning football prediction sites

Comparing predictions to football is one thing. You still have to go to the right sites. There are 3 prediction sites whose reliability is excellent:

Rue des Players is a prediction site that operates in the fields of football but also tennis, rugby, handball and basketball.

Sportytrader delivers predictions written daily by experts in the fields of tennis, rugby, football and basketball.

France pronos is one of the most reliable football prediction sites. He was also voted best tipster in 2020 by

Tipsters: sports betting specialists to support you

The tipster is a person who gives advice in order to guide your prognosis in the right direction. While some offer this service for free, others charge for it.

There are tipsters specializing in a specific sporting discipline and there are generalists. If you are new to sports betting, the advice of a tipster can be interesting because it allows you to save time, obtain better results, make regular bets, gain experience and improve in stake management. Whether in football or tennis, a tipser must be able to analyze the matches to offer adequate predictions.

However, it is essential to know how to choose the tipster with whom you should work, especially if they charge you for their services. For this, check in particular

  • the return of his bets
  • the number of its subscribers
  • the opinions of his followers

France Pronos: bet on sports betting with pros

France Pronos

France Pronos is a sports site that delivers quality predictions. Ranked among the most reputable sites in terms of predictions, especially in the field of football, it is your best ally to perform with your sports betting.

Being able to count on such an ally can be a great help, especially if you are new to sports betting. Moreover, even if you are more experienced, it is still recommended to use a reliable and serious prediction site.

You are now armed to make your first sports bets. By applying all these tips, you will improve your way of betting and your risk management. To maximize your chances, you can also use France Pronos, one of the most reliable prediction sites. Sign up to benefit from a free forecast every week!

The other way France Pronos can support you is by giving you the right techniques to increase your odds. By betting on reliable forecasts, the combined bet allows you to multiply your odds.